By Dr. R.E. Freedman You may be quite familiar with the Anxiety Cycle and yet never […]
Social Anxiety Disorder
It is not uncommon to confuse shyness with social anxiety disorder. However, they are not the […]
Anxiety & Decision Making
By Barbara Odozi In the course of a single day, one is confronted with numerous choices, […]
Having a panic attack
By Dennis A Simsek So you know someone who experiences regular panic attacks, and in that […]
Overwhelmed with anxiety
By Robert C. Jameson, Ph.D “I always seem to have these voices going on in my […]
By Christy Geiger The reality is that many people experience afternoon slumps. It could be too […]
Covid-19 Anxiety
By Dr. Noelle Nelson My front window gives onto the street, and every day I see […]
Depersonalization State
By Dr. R.E. Freedman There are many individuals who require medications after being diagnosed with ADHD […]
Cannabis Leaf
By Barbara Odozi Anxiety disorders adversely affect a person’s ability to carry out daily tasks, maintain […]
By Dr. R.E. Freedman Anyone who is prone to feelings of depersonalization is also quite reactive […]
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